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 Priston Online (New Server)

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Data de inscrição : 31/12/1969

MensagemAssunto: Priston Online (New Server)   Qui Dez 15, 2011 12:17 pm

I'm 104trance there and be a tester

Dear Pristontale fans,

Do you miss the times where we are
traveling from Garden of Freedom to the Desert of Priston Land, the
times that you enjoyed being friends with people around the world to
explore every inches of Priston Continents? Miss the game just for fun
and relaxation? I do, we all do. Playing this game is no longer about
racing of power, it will be about friendship and enjoy your free time.
It will bring back the memories that you have lost. We are proudly
present to you the Return Of Hope Project with brand new server
Prisontale Online.

This server is our last hope to bring the fun
back to every Priston fans who have lost the memory of their adventures.
This server will feature a lot of fun and classic gameplay. You will
see the game as it originally was intended with default EXP*5 and
Drop*2. There will be no more custom monsters, no more custom items or
maps. You will see what you have seen 8-9 years ago. There will be no
more gap with donators as there will be no donator in PTOnline. We will
only use cash shop item which will sell standard item like: exp pot, 3rd
eye, rebirth scroll...

You will play on your own and find new friends. You will travel once again from the land of Hopy to the Darkness of Sanctuary.

Beta will be soon, a selected group of active player will be chosen to
play the game for 1 week to test the server before it's opening to

Let the fun begin and let's bring back our old time memories, let's enjoy the game what the way it was meant to be.

Also we will keep uPT for people who want to have something difference. uPT will be running along with Pristontale.

Here are the above stats summed up:
- Brand new server with a fresh database
- All original statistics of PristonTale will be restored and used
- Donations are not allowed for things like
- Items
- Levels
- Upgrades to your character on any level
- Class changes
- Cash shop will only feature the original items that PristonTale has in their coin shop, this includes:
- Stronger Crystals
- Exp or Drop potions and packages
- Hair styles
- Sheltoms
All original monster in all maps will be restored and a proper balance
for monster stats will be in place (drops back to normal etc)
- All maps will be original to current Pristontale
- All items will be original to current Pristontale (all custom items of uPT will not be included)

If you want to help us with beta testing, you can sigh up here
We will select a few players who sign up and release the client to those players.
also request you IP up front so we can track you in the new client
(this will be explained once you are selected, you will not have to post
your IP in the topic).

check it out!
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Priston Online (New Server)
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